Future of Smart Homes in Australia

Future of Smart Homes in Australia

A decade ago, the pinnacle of home automation was connecting Foxtel between the living room and bedroom. Now this conversation has been replaced by the conversation of smart living.

Australians are increasingly adopting smart home technology, both for its convenience and novel feeling of futuristic living.

But will smart homes become the standard in Australian properties?

With Siri now sitting in the pockets of many of us and Alexa filling the selves of tech stores, voice control has developed at an exponential pace in the last few years. As awareness of the technology develops over the next five years, smart homes may begin to lose their novelty and seamlessly integrate into our 'every day' activities.

Smart living is much more than replacing switches on the wall with an app on your phone or central consol - its the overall atmosphere of the home. It's creating scenes through creating the ideal lighting for your room, it's playing your favourite music at the ease of a request, its even turning on your airconditioner on your way home from work at the end of the day.

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