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Home Office Styling Tips

14 August 2018

In the 2016 ABS, 61.5% of West End were said to work full-time with 47% working over 40 hours a week. Within families, 31.5% were made up of two working parents. With that said, the increasing trend of Australian employees working from home is just as important as ever. So to help our busy locals out we’ve created a lis...

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Retail Stores are Getting Smaller in Order Grow

7 August 2018

Coles has announced that it will follow the lead of other large retailers such as Woolworths and Target,  by opening smaller-sized supermarkets in more locations. As Australia’s population density increases, many retailers are shrinking to grow as a result of increased pressure on available real estate for ret...

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E-commerce Encourages Change to Retail Industry

31 July 2018

If you’ve noticed that retail stores are looking a little more on the miniature side these days, you’re not wrong. Shopping centres across the sunshine state are responding to e-commerce competition by undertaking major refurbishments, changing their tenancy mixes and embracing ‘Omni-channel retailing’...

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Office Designs Show the Value of Social Workplaces

24 July 2018

Employees are increasingly expecting more from their work environment, leading to companies seeking for office spaces which offer more than the standard layout. As convenience and enjoyable workplaces are on the list of what employees are looking for, we see changes in new office fit outs are reflecting the trend in Human Res...

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Eco-friendly Tips To Warm-up This Winter

17 July 2018

There's one thing that Queenslanders can't seem to tolerate, the cold. We can deal with heat, rain and humidity, but give us winter and you won't hear the end of it. While heaters can warm up a space easily, they can be costly and bad for the environment. So how can we warm up ourselves without warming the pl...

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